Character takeover.

The lists for the next book are well in hand constituting more questions than answers for me,  my characters haven’t totally made their choices yet. When they have there is no guarantee that they will stick to them.

Marghita insisted on making her play for Rick in ways that I never intended when I started writing this  book. Other incidents like Gillian ‘s behaviour have   convinced  me that I have an unruly bunch of characters who have taken charge. They are re-enacting stories that I never envisaged when I started and now, I have had fan suggestions for more sex and a murder just to give me further pause for thought!

I am reading the books about meticulous planning everything mapped to the enth degree. Does this keep those unruly characters in check? Should they be allowed their own voices and lives. I am rather inclined to think they should but is that because I am new to writing and do not understand the importance of the rules?

Text Snippets from Word Crozzle 3. Philosophy?

Ben : I found this quote am not sure where it came from but thought it might appeal.
We cling  on to music, to poems, to quotes, to writing, to art because we desperately do not want to be alone. We know we are not going crazy and someone else out there knows exactly how you’re feeling. We want someone to explain the things we can’t .

Eve : Ummmm not sure about that. I need to think about it!
Ben : Knew it would make it scratch your head  Lol ..
Eve : My first reaction is I don’t agree…but need to mull it over.  I have no problem with the second half.  It’s the first sentence that I am unsure about. Will think about it…
Ben: It sort of resonated with me. We  both love our art and music.
Eve : I think we are pulled to all those things because they enlighten us, fill our hearts with gladness….not sure if its to do with loneliness, ..ummmm
Ben: Didn’t say we are lonely . Said we don’t want to be alone.
Eve: Morning….yes I understand it said we dont want to be alone…. maybe those things do fill a void but to me it’s more complex than that. Maybe it is about the search for answers, I still feel the pull of self fulfillment in the mix. What do you think??

Text Snippets from Crozzle Day 2. Cooking tips!!!

Chat with Rick and Eve whilst playing Word Crozzle.
Eve:How was your army reunion, did you do some lamp swinging?
Rick: Had a great social day…but kept it fairly tidy…good rugby result for Auz… but not for England, …pity
Eve: Good thought it would be great to meet all your buddies.No England messed it up big time… thats life…glad Auz did well…just going to cook the i(e)gg and bacon and tomato!
Rick: LoL enjoy… no luck for me..had cereal.
Eve: Oh well…boiled iggs for you I expect!…lol ..just read that, oh no not even boiled iggs and its the weekend.
Rick:1 hate it when the shell breaks into a thousand pieces to peel off.and the sheath stays on the white. Don’t know if those are under boiled or over
Eve: There are lots of theories …one is the fresher the egg the harder to peel. … and I think both alledgedly can cause eggs hard to peel… all the ideas are too faffy for me…lots of peeps say get out of fridge cover the egg to an inch above, with cold water and bring to the boil  …then turn off heat and allow the egg to cook in the boiled water..large egg 2 mins soft.. 10 for hard….I do that if J wants boiled egg and toast cause he likes soft…yuck! but if I want hard I just boil for 5 lol.
Something I read said, for perfect peelers crack the base enough to pierce the shell but not the membrane…hah thought likely to mess it up so never tried it! Imao Can just see the eggy!.
Now have well and truly got the giggles,  an unusual discussion……thats just the sort of  conversation u had yesterday at your reunion (not). Picturing you discussing culinary extravaganza  I suspect.the perfect boiled igg was not on the agenda!xx
Rick: Hahaha…A little different to the chats yesterday, ..but thanks…now I know.xx

Text snippets from Word Crozzle Conversations

Text snippets.
Chat with Ruth ….August
Ruth: Night night Rick x
Rick: Goodnight Ruth….sleep well….think of me cuddling you….spooning you from behind….feel the hardening against your butt cheeks…..xoxo
Ruth: Good morning my sexy man, I woke in the early hours of this morning and read your text (above)……phew, took me ages to get back to sleep……
Rick: Hi Ruth….sorry to disturb your night….but glad you reacted to that…hope you were able to climax… I did soon after texting that….xoxo
Ruth:I did it was was very intense. Made all the more risque by thinking of you whilst  laying next to my sleeping partner xxx
Rick: Oh wow…that’s beautiful….I love the thought of your clandestine masturbation….secretly rubbing your clit…and then trying to control your breathing and body jerks as the contractions begin….gorgeous.