Text snippets on Word Crozzle. False face on the Internet. A predator or worse?

Eve started a new random game and it was with somebody called Jason his thumbnail showed a good looking man maybe late thirties.
Chat with Jason and Eve
Eve: Hi my name is Eve looking forward to the game.
Jason: Hi my name is Jason.
Eve : I live in London.
Jason: I live in Los Angeles.You are very lovely.
Eve: Oh you have bad fires at the moment, it must be terrible.
Jason. Oh I live to the South. But thank you for your concern. Are you always concerned about people or only people you are attracted too?
Eve :  I am always interested in what is happening to the people I am playing with.
Eve : So what interests you… ?What makes you smile?
Jason : Someone loving me
Eve : And you dont at the moment?
Jason : No. 😭
Eve: Must be somebody…family? friends?
Jason : Yes… family.
Eve: So people love you..but are not in love with you?
Jason : Yes. Oh my goodness how did you know?
Eve : Because you said somebody loving you would make you smile… So either the person you are with doesnt make you smile …or you are between partners and are looking for the soul mate..lol
Jason : The latter.
Jason : You are so insightful.
Eve : Guess I will need to find an easier way to make you smile….falling in love over the internet can cause major problems…and I try to avoid it…
Eve : Better friends than a romance built on sand..lol
jason : I agree. But it is possible to find true love over the Internet or even over a silly game like this.
Jason : I believe in love at first sight and finding your soulmate even if they live in different country.
Eve : It is possible to find true love anywhere…even on the internet…and on games sites…but you have to remember you only see what people want you to see…they only share what they want to share…you only actually have part of a picture of them and your brain fills in the details and can make somebody look perfect when they actually have feet of clay…as we all do… actually interacting in the real world when you see people stressed and unhappy or see their bad habits is different from the rosy pic one can get over the net…  It can happen but be aware of the bias that can occur when all your communication is long distance..
Jason: I am very attracted to you  you are beautiful  kind and sympathetic.
Eve :1 think love is something very deep and complicated and its something that needs to be continuously nurtured. I think some of the love at first sight is about attraction and lust…..and the deeper connection follows if you can become friends, communicate and really care for the person you are with…and not try to turn them into the person you would like them to be..  Sorry subject I feel strongly about..
Shortly after this Jason resigned the game with no further communication Eve shrugged and carried on. Finished games stay, on the Word Crozzle played list, and eventually scroll  off. Eve noticed that the thumbnail picture had changed to a younger person of different ethnic origin. Who was Jason? What did he want? Why did he change identities? Eve will never know but it has reminded  her of the need to take care and not to accept everything at face value. Have you had issues of misrepresentation on the net?

Text Snippets from Word Crozzle. Magic Carpet use.

Eve : No snow just very heavy rain…
Rick : Don’t drown.
Rick : Can loan you a rowboat.
Eve: Don’t think we have  quite got to that! Laughing… Coming down hard but no flooding yet.
Eve : Sitting in bed drinking tea… listening to the rain on the window.still thinking hibernation….hah.
Rick. Well made the offer.  Good glad you don’t want it,shipping it to you, could bankrupt me.
Rick : Nothing wrong with hiding from the evil weather.
Eve : You are making me cry with laughter….I presumed you were going to break out your magic carpet for speedy delivery…posting..ummm.you could always go for cash on delivery….
Rick: Cash on delivery, well then you’d get screwed on exchange rates… And I’d have to pay fees. The magic carpet isn’t rated for cargo.
Eve :Ah not rated,hah….over sight on your part I think!
Rick: I bought coupe not the minivan version.
Eve : Ah I understand….speed and looks …over utility…and mostly just what you need from a magic carpet….just a downside when you want to transport a row boat, to save a friend from drowning!
Rick: Yup always a downside that would be Murphy at work! lol.

Text Snippets Word Crozzle.

Eve : Hi William. Sorted most of my computer problem.
William: You did? That’s great.
Eve : Yep all day job… Hah..
William: That’s good. You solved the problem.
Eve :Well am lady of two halves either refuse to be beaten or throw in the towel ….Imao
William: That’s a good way to be!
William: Why you let me beat you so much then?
William: Lol
Eve : Because in some things I am not totally competetive…With some issues in life…it bugs me and will try hard to find a way to sort…wont give up… In other things am easy going and go with the flow.
Eve : I don’t put the effort in with Crozzle! I  just like playing and actually don’t  care too much if I win….if I win its a bonus
I find a good word in my letters and then I look for a space, I don’t always look for the best word and the best space…I dont always consider the advantage my word may give to others. I have friends who try every combination of letters before they play, some of it’s a time thing but maybe I am too  lazy.
William: I see.
Eve : 1 enjoy finding words and playing them…am gleeful if get a good score’
Eve : When I do spend time and win I love it specially against u because u are good…
Eve : But each round like a mini game and I like the immediacy…I am not a strategist!!!
William: Hahahahahaha.
William: Yeah I play hard.
William: It hurts to lose.
Eve : You want to win…it’s not my driver for playing. Maybe I should try harder!! Lmao :I also maybe play too many games…therefore I can’t really work through all the options! Not that I want to hurt you…but maybe ….keep your feet on the ground. Grinning here.

Eve :1 am a mixture of bossy , stubborn, bloody minded and soft, easy going and sweet !! Lol depending on circumstances.
Eve : I got people coming for lunch today…very fishy meal…fish starter…fish main….but not for pudding!! Lol
Eve : Oh and I forgot self indulgent!
William: Ha ha. I am getting a picture of you as we play Eve. Its a good mix one day I will draw a mind picture of you.
Eve:  How did the computer let you play that?  Laids….since when has that been a plural…it’s  outside my vocabulary! William: Hahahahahaha
William: Don’t cry
Eve : Sticking my tongue out at you.  No…but I don’t get when one would use it! He laids , she laids????this dictionary is weird…but I learn the silly words…. Makes me laugh…and shake my head ! 1 love the new..Just don’t always get how some of these words are legal!
William: I bet it does
Eve : Thats why I like to play the unpredictable …and I like the chat….even the windup William!!
William: That’s the beauty of playing for me. New words come up and I get to use my brain too.
Eve : Don’t some of the words make you raise yr eyebrows?
William: Don’t worry. There will always be wind ups! Eyebrows….sometimes. lol Off to the gym catch you later.

Text Snippets 5. What music would you listen to in a fantasy scene?

Paul: You said you have been listening to music what sort of music do you like?

Eve : Music, eclectic taste…at the moment  listening to a playlist with Dire Straits, Dr Hook, Fleetwood Mac and the Airborne Toxic Event.

Paul: What are you wearing?

Eve : Also like Snow Patrol, George Ezra, Sam Smith, some of the groups and artists from the sixties.sixties stuff.  Classical, jazz and some from the shows!! Lol

Paul : Very mixed which is good.

Eve: That made me laugh, change of direction. Just jeans and a blue sweater.

Paul: Underneath?

Paul : So if we were in bed what would we listen to?

Eve : I take it this is fantasy. Well as I dont what you like…thats difficult needs to be something both would enjoy… Snuggled up together…maybe some Norah Jones, Snow Patrol , George Ezra, or duets like Islands in the Stream….maybe Rachmaninov second piano concerto….. I find that incredibly sexy…. What would you like to listen too?

Paul : I’d like to listen to whatever gets you going the most.;-)

Eve :Ok….Well Norah Jones, Chasing Cars, George Ezrazra…think hes got a really sexy voice….. But would really like to know the music that would turn you on.

And dear reader if you were snuggled in bed with the man of your choice what music would you choose to listen to??

Text snippets 4. Meeting a voyeur.

They met playing Word Crozzle.  Chatted as they played, it moved into sex chat quite quickly and they moved to Beat Messenger so they could share photographs and longer chats. They shared a few intimate photographs as they talked. But John wanted much more.

John: I can’t help it. I admit it, I am a voyeur, I would just love to see you in various poses in clothes and out of them. It turns me on so much.

Christine: Not ready for that yet, or maybe never. I will send what I am comfortable with.

John: Stand in front of the mirror lift your top remove your bra and take a picture.

Christine is happy to do that but crops the photograph to remove her face.

John: Lovely dear but your face would make it doubly so.

Christine: Yes Jeff but not ready for that yet.

John: I understand and love what you sent Thank you.

Christine: You can be very sweet, Mr Silver tongue ..lol I understand its a little bit of psychological warfare with you….pushing my boundaries!!

John:  Just to be clear  I am 100% discreet.  For my eyes only I know you might not have that comfort level with your body and showing your face.

Christine:  Its actually fairly awful with the top all bunched round the middle, not the most flattering  of pictures.

John: Just trust me and do as I direct.

Christine: Oh wow do I feel the need to be in control coming across here.

John: I like to be in control yes. I will ask you to pose in certain ways for me. Go with it you will find you enjoy. We will laugh about your reluctance to pose for me in a few months time.

Christine is thinking further involvement would be a  mistake, she is wondering whether to cut her losses and run….. Would you?