In this blog I aim to provide a fairly comprehensive description and exploration of iambic pentameter from the ground up, in simple, easy to follow segments.

We will progress from what is meant by ‘iamb’ and ‘pentameter’, to what defines ‘stress’, to different types of ‘feminine ending’, to simple variant ‘feet’ (a ‘foot’ being the smallest possible metrical component), to the ‘figures’ formed by combinations of feet, to ‘displaced beats’, to the interplay of rising and falling rhythms, to more unusual variations, to looking at how to deliver certain lines that may not appear to be metrical, and then onto exploring meter in more extended passages of verse, starting with Sonnet 1 (which is as far as I’ve got so far!). I also provide a separate glossary, which you can refer back to at any point along the way! (In this, and all future posts, you can click on any word highlighted…

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