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Do National quirks put readers off?

​I have had reason of late to cogitate about the differences between American English and United Kingdom English. I am sure there are articles out there giving definitive views on the subject. I admit to not having done a search yet. A few incidents have set me wondering if the different word usages and terms become a problem for readers on the different continents. Do they actually turn readers off? I have read lots of books by authors from varying countries and personally I haven’t stopped reading any because of spelling variation or the odd quirk I have had to work out or look up. It has irritated me somewhat that ‘colour’ gets spelt ‘color’ and other words too are spelt differently to my instinctive way of spelling. Although not enough to give up on the story if I am gripped by the character and plot. That is my take, I would be interested to know other’s views. Do you consider the nationality and therefore the likely spelling and word usage when contemplating reading a novel, should writers take all national quirks out of their writing?
The specific incidents that got me thinking were:-

  • A beta reader from American did not understand the phrase – It certainly lit my blue touch paper.
  • Standing by the bar, I checked out the optics…..in England these are the measurements on bottles of spirits
  • I had a conversation with an American friend about my new kitchen and my new granite worktops ……ah countertops, counters in the USA.
  • Then there are all the others….garden….yard…..boot…..trunk….etc.

What do you think folks?

What makes your writing boring?

​What makes your writing boring 

Other than the obvious …you have no ideas

What if your tale is magical but your prose is in arrears 

What makes your writing boring 

The tale just comes out flat

People give up reading and settle for a nap

The pundits say too many filter words can slow  the story down

Take care with have, believe, and decide

Seem, can also make people frown

You can’t let your protaganist think 

Or even hear a sound, or notice or see or touch

It seems that you can’t let your protaganist, do anything very much

What makes your writing boring 

Perhaps keeping  your characters awake

If they snoozed through your story ,you wouldn’t  make these mistakes!

What makes your story boring 

So many little writing flaws

During the editing process you have to change the words on the doors

Writing urges

​Feeling the surges of urges untamed

Thinking the thoughts a little deranged

Warm waves of pleasure wash over my soul

Wanting to surrender and lose control

Allowing the feelings to take over me

Ideas to flow, concepts to be free

Bottling the surges of urges untamed

Shaking them up, till they pop unrestrained

Unleashing ideas onto the page

Polishing and honing becomes a rampage

Allowing the feelings to take over me

New writing born for this moment free

Creating a different kind of beauty

Having not yet managed to finish one task and start the next I am today painting silk, writing poetry and planning my next moves in the second Converging Lives series.  Smiling happily. Silk painting is such a relaxing thing to do. Its good for the soul because you have to learn to love your mistakes! The colours will have an added vibrancy when set, ironed and washed. 

Ode to poets

I read your poetry with awe
Wanting to read ever more
It warms my heart and makes me think
Never sends me to the drink
Your laid back style
Makes me smile
Your words and thought
So carefully wrought
Can be very deep
Make connections leap
The rhythm and the tempos time
Pull one from line to line
The pictures painted sometimes stun
But that means dear poet you have won.

Introducing Eve and her poetry

Hi, my name is Eve I will skim over my age sufficient to say I am well past my twenties!!! I am a physiotherapist working in Occupational Medicine. My life is a little off balance at the moment and writing is a way for me to let off steam and to relax.

This is my self portrait

I have a very serious side

I wear my dignity with pride

The trouble is its hard to hide

the frivolous  me that lurks inside

Outside a lady calm and  serene

Inside a girl who would like to dream

The trouble is its hard to hide

The sexy me that lurks inside

I like to play lots of games

Some that may take using brains

The trouble is its hard to hide

The scatty me that hides inside

I like to analyse my life

It helps to keep me out of strife

The trouble is its hard to hide

The impetuous me that hides inside

Who knows what the whole maybe

Tis certain it isnt me.