Author: Samantha Beardon

I have always been a people person interested in others and what makes us tick. Over the years for my work I have read about and studied psychology. I have had the urge to write that book but never quite found the time. Then I started playing internet word games and chatting to others which opened up a whole new world. I was amazed at some of the stories and some of the odd ball experiences I encountered first hand. This sparked the idea for the novel Converging Lives. I also discovered poetry last year and find that poems just fall out of my head,although I am at this moment in time addicted to rhyme! I also love to read, travel and silk paint.

Hold out a hand

We go through life and we gain beliefs about who we are, how to behave in certain situations. These beliefs drive how we operate they will enable us to live life to the full if they are expansive but many of us have gathered many limiting beliefs. These are often the unconscious drivers of our reactions and actions, these are the drivers that often sabotage things in our lives. Until we identify and aim to sabotage limiting beliefs we will often set ourselves up to fail!