Oasis in Time

Oasis in Time
We are strangers

 connected in the stratosphere

 combining life and fantasy

although familiarity

 knowing  the other

 is becoming more a reality
We touch bases sharing our lives, 

the parts we want to share

are we misrepresenting

 is it a swizz

Our time spent in banter, play,

 in idle chat, with sexy  innuendo

adding some fizz. 
How much is real

how much dream

is this relationship what it seems? 

that feeling of connection in

our time together seems so real

but our minds add dimensions

changing how we feel 

We are strangers

 connected in the stratosphere

Will we  ever meet 

my secret wish

though  in my heart I know

it’s not in life’s scheme

This is but life’s undertow
We share a window

trembling in time

A little oasis

ours for now

It is enough

Or so I pretend.

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