The book that is me

I wish you could read the book, that is me
The chapters are muddled, loose-leaf and free
I feel self-fulfilled most of the time
Or brimming with emotion, often undefined

Passionate, energetic, a lover of learning
Apathetic and lazy, my negatives churning
I want to put everything right, with the world
To make a difference not remain unheard

My head’s full of secrets I would rather keep
Guarding them hidden even when I sleep
I wish you could interpret the book that is me
Tease out the contradictions, help set them free

Confident, articulate, a natural leader
Shy, unsure, more of a receiver
Am I out in the world or hidden under the bed
Maybe you can tell, I would rather not dwell

Am I trying to fit into this crazy world
Or being myself unreserved
I think you will have to read my book
Find out, check the whole, don’t overlook

Will you see someone open and caring
With a sense of humour meant for sharing
I am not a totally open book
Open the pages and have a look

Samantha Beardon ©

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