World poetry Day entries from the Rising moon poetry group. Facebook.



The seed was planted long ago
In the pit of despair
That forms my stomach
Sending out acid tendrils
That snake around my trachea
And squeeze the breath
From my inflated lungs
That invade the neurons
Within my brain
Short-circuiting each connection
Each attempt to overcome
Or circumvent
The rising fear

What can I do for now
Except to hold on
For the heaving, bucking ride
It will take me on
And hope that some day
One day
I will learn what it means
To be alive
And not just to live
Within the cage formed
From panic gone astray

(c) 2018 Miriam Ruff

Someone told me
We all belong to the universe
We have to choose
To be a Stars or Planets
You say, you want to be a Star
You want to be surounded by Planets
You say, I too should be a Star
And I to should be as an equal
Or, I should be a planet ….
But, I don’t want to be neither one
I want to be just Luna
Why? Do you ask…
I say. Do not to be a Star?
Eventually, the Stars burn out
In their own flames
Extinguishing into a Dwarf
And I am not a planet
To rotate around a Star,
You say, but Luna
Is small, and insignificant
For universe
You say, my soul will set in darkness,
You say, I will need a Star
To rise in perfect light at night
You say I will be seeking light
For my survival
To be at least a visible for once
I will be only hold of a Star
To shine only during night.
You say I will depend
On shine of the Star
Maybe so…
But, I can dim a Star
By puting it into my shadow.
Creating something so extraordinary
For everyone….
And after all… I will be loved by many
And forever…
A&R 2018 # worldpoetryday

This is an extended metaphor about poetry

Word Fish

I read eyes screwed,mouthing silent words
Carp or goldfish out of the pond eyes glazed
Words shaken and spilled across the table
Not food yet for a stranded fish
My feeble movements push a pile of words into a line
Ideas like unbudded lily pads float beside me
I need a barrier on which to lever myself
Or a line with a hook to anchor my mind to yours
The need to dive deep drives me
Will you look at this rippling image
Feel the depth of my need to communicate
As I make a journey into ideas
Eyes, screwed, mouthing words I etch on paper .

Samantha Beardon©


So stunning you are
Coming at a time as this
Bringing sheaves of hope
Hope that knits love and faith

You came to me when I was down
Lifted me with such soothing words
Words that heals my heart
My heart is now aglow of you

Now you’ve beautified my ugliness
Brought me close to greatness
Greatness with purpose
Purpose turn into prosperous posterity

I see you all time in my sleep
I’ll not let you slip
You gave me platform of nobility
Now revel I in such credibility
Credibility turn into creativity
Creativity is now dignity

How beautiful you are
To my path of allurement
Gracious you are
To my betterment

Today is here
Here to celebrate you
What a being you are!
You’ve given me you
You for a keep
And I’ll keep you
For tomorrow’s reap

#Happy World’s Poetry Day

David Njoku

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