Winner of the Jeffrey’s Sonnet Challenge

Have you tried a Jeffrey’s sonnet?

The weekend challenge on the Facebook group Rising Moon Poetry was to write one.

Here is the winning entry

REVENGE (Jeffreys Sonnet)

His perfidy, did not make sense
He had not any good defense
Would she forgive? Now, on his knees
A woman knows when all’s been said
Not all prevails, some feelings dead
And yet, his groveling – does please!

Though, she agrees yet, on a whim
She’ll not forget, forgive – not him
The bed he’s made, not fit to lie
Stirred deep within her bitter soul
A rage that she’ll not ne’er control
It seems someone might have to die!

He might could cry, to live – his goal
He’ll pay the toll, and even lie

Oh, he’ll not e’er forget this night
Betrayal won’t sit well despite
Attempts to reconcile the wrong
The laugh inside as she strikes out
Will leave no room for him to doubt
This err wont fade, ‘twill carry on

And he alone, beneath the skies
So vulnerable and none-the-wise
Iniquity did not serve well
Perhaps he should pick up and run
The malice through the air’s been spun
His pardon begged did surely fail

She’s cast her spell – he just should go
But, he’ll not know – nor – ever tell!

© 2018 RubyPond All rights reserved

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