Unanswerable Questions

Am I truly happy?
Could I have been happier?
Did I make the right choice last year?
If I had taken a different route, would I have less fear?
Does happiness have a pinnacle?
Or will tomorrow supply me more?
If my choices had been different,would I have a better outcome?
If I could rewind would I climb a different mountain?

Take a deep breath and stop the angst
I cannot obssess about what might have been
Am I content in the now?
Working on that with all my know how
I have to adapt, learn to change
Look to the future to rearrange
The past is the past it will help me to learn
But if I obsess, I won’t get a return

I can day dream the changes my life would have
But I will never know, its a life I never had
Am I truly happy?
If not I must strive
Move into the future
New choices to derive.

Samantha Beardon ©

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