Reaction ….

Typical the light turned red
I haven’t time to get things done
Why does that woman stand and chat instead
of move along the queue, can’t she see it’s not fun
Nobody understands my stress
The kids have left the house a mess
Everyone’s on the road today
Why is my computer slow – it’s causing me time delay
I haven’t time to get things done

These thoughts
add to anxiety and stress
Roil the hormones – nerves a mess
Reinforce the status quo
I am so distressed I knew – I know
There isn’t enough time to get things done
If only there were another way to get things done today

The light is red
Nothing to be done – relax regroup you can’t run
In that queue stand and plan or smile and breath
Relax the shoulders remember time can’t be outdone
Panic just wastes time causes stress
Plans awry then stop and think
What makes the difference between swim or sink?

The true cause of our emotional reaction

to events is our own thoughts.

Samantha Beardon©

Part of the Happiness Happenschance series.

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