Culture and us

We are all fish in the sea but from different seas
diverse habitats means different development
I am a construct of my culture
the values, practices, traditions, beliefs
shared within my community, shaped
my formative years within the structure.

You are a product of your culture
our constructs of self are built
by our enviroments and cultures
these things colour our window on the world
our self- recognition diverges because of our sculptor
diverse habitats, design communication and cognition
we are fish in the sea of life, unique but stamped by custom

If we met our communication styles could diverge
it would not stop us communicating but to be effective
we would need to be aware of different styles
especially in the non verbal cues we present
If I looked you in the eye would you percieve it
as a threat, a sign of disrespect, defiance or equality?
If I reached out to touch you what would be appropriate?
If I gestured the ok symbol would you think I was swearing,
saying ok, referring to money, indicating zero?

We are all fish in the sea emerging from different habitats
our natural communication style is developed from our culture
indirect, harmonious understated relying on hierarchies and relationships
using silence, non verbal communication and intricate politeness
or direct, heavy reliance on words and their meanings
relaxed hierarchies, fleeting relationships lower key politeness
We are all fish in the sea of life our habitats dictate our way of life

As we swim into the world’s oceans we experience new habitats
new ideas and beliefs we discover differing cultures and styles
we learn we adapt we add to our cultural repertoires
in this world of Posey we are immersed in words and tropes and imagary
we see and learn and share with no cultural divide
although we see cultural differences in poetic style and form
figurative language and metaphor
poetry transends cultural differences
it is the music and meaning of the words that is important.
We are all fish swimming in the sea of life and in the sea of Posey.

Samantha Beardon.

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