Tag: nature


​The relentless beat of insect wings

The incessant  drone of the bee

Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves

So many sounds for free

The hunting cry of the owl at night

The barking of the fox

All these sounds are so intense 

A quintessential paradox

Heightened awareness seems to me

A product of new found joy

An awareness of natures full estate

As my nerve endings strive to deploy.

Small pleasures


Small pleasures tease my senses
Nature’s bounty so immense
Sitting feeling the warm rays of the sun
Breathing deep, a scent, second to none
Senses almost overwhelmed, with olfactory delight
Beautiful wisteria feasts the eye and intoxicates into the night
Mock orange adds a thread
Smiling, romantic thoughts spread.


Cymbals crashing in the sky
Staccato rain blowing by
Grey and dark
The heavens split
Zig zag flashes
Dash and flit
Thunder rolls we count the time
To gauge the storms centre line
Dark clouds roil, gold underlit
Nature’s majesty unfurled
Watching in awe it’s dominance of our world