Picture I found a picture of you Made me think, made me blue It’s always hard when love moves on Thought I was over you, not mourning what’s gone I found a picture of you Made me think, remember true All the funny times we used to share The giggling in corners, smirking at friendsContinue reading “Picture”

Choosing words for poetry

Poetry Tips Choosing words for poetry Poets need to understand words, letters and sounds in ways more intimate than the reader or the writer of prose. I want to take you on a journey and show you had you should think of words when writing your poetry. I was given the words PEACH, PAISLEY, PACHABEL,Continue reading “Choosing words for poetry”


Learning to be, Can be hard you see, Life teaches us early who we are, Can make us doubt ourselves, makes lasting scars. If we focus on others judgements, The negatives, can stunt our circumference, Told you are no good at that, Are ugly, stupid that’s a trap. Learning to be the person, that fulfillsContinue reading “Learning…”