Solo……Sharing by Eve

Solo….Sharing Dipping into my world of pleasure Seeing pictures, making stories to treasure Sharing moments with your stimuli Makes me feel good,makes me fly Sweet swirling melody of life Ridding me of stress and strife Solo colours are picked, then mixed How they will translate it’s in the fix Stroking the colours sensually through LeavingContinue reading “Solo……Sharing by Eve”

Living Life

I love to escape, into my mind My sanctuary, to visions of all kind So surreal these can be Come share  and you might see. Something has set me free My joy in life maybe the key Using the past, learning for the future Each a story line making a booster New skills  to learnContinue reading “Living Life”

Cyber Dilemmas

Cyber Dilemmas by Eve Starting off, with tempting situations  Giving and recieving sexy invitations  Stirs the hormones, wakes the senses  But its fantasy, there are fences  Enjoyable banter every day Adds a thrill, temptation to stray Keep it friends, or take it further Miles apart, objective observer   Touch my mind, move within  Share ourContinue reading “Cyber Dilemmas”

Coup de Foudre

The coup de foudre when it comes Often has a roll of drums What sparks the action, who can tell Lust and hormones could cause hell The gentle meeting of two minds Interests that mean you are two of a kind But will it last and stay the course Or will love die and causeContinue reading “Coup de Foudre”


Feel the rhythm feel the beat Sense the music adding heat Threads of sound around, around Those Vibrations shake the ground Musicians play with all their might Sending melodies into the night Threads of sound around, around Stir the soul, nerve endings pound Bodies jostle ,writhe and shake Dancing to the musics take Threads ofContinue reading “Music”

The. day after

My head is fuzzy My knees are weak I grunt a lot It’s an effort to speak All the fun, today is none My mouth is the pits My auto pilot ceased The pendelums swung Oh my my tongue As I crawl through the chores I dream of bed Not full of women But fullContinue reading “The. day after”