Solo……Sharing by Eve


Dipping into my world of pleasure
Seeing pictures, making stories to treasure
Sharing moments with your stimuli
Makes me feel good,makes me fly
Sweet swirling melody of life
Ridding me of stress and strife
Solo colours are picked, then mixed
How they will translate it’s in the fix
Stroking the colours sensually through
Leaving streaks of erotic hues
Shuddering dimensions waves of light
Affecting my vision affecting my sight
My bag full of pleasure is shared in part
Creating the landscape for vicarious art

Some thoughts on cyber sex

Sex is a two way process, recieve but also give
Cyber is but fantasy, but sometimes helps folk live
If a friend is feeling horny, why not help if it feels right
Dont play and get involved if its going to cause a fright
There are people, it seems fine to share with, but try to keep it tame
Others are just dangerous will take  advantage, it’s not a game
You have to go on instinct but also think it through
Cyber has its dangers that could cause you to rue
Oxytocin is lurking, to cause emotions to run high
Fall in love at your peril, how much is a lie
Sex is a two way process, receive but also give

Living Life

I love to escape, into my mind

My sanctuary, to visions of all kind

So surreal these can be

Come share  and you might see.

Something has set me free

My joy in life maybe the key

Using the past, learning for the future

Each a story line making a booster

New skills  to learn  new paths to create

Understanding beliefs that formulate

Before me paths spread to tease

Which way does my journey lead?

Looking at the world anew

Counting blessings many not few

I view the options try the paths

Grab hold of life with pizazz.

Cyber Dilemmas

Cyber Dilemmas by Eve

Starting off, with tempting situations 
Giving and recieving sexy invitations 
Stirs the hormones, wakes the senses 
But its fantasy, there are fences 

Enjoyable banter every day
Adds a thrill, temptation to stray
Keep it friends, or take it further
Miles apart, objective observer
Touch my mind, move within 
Share our lives, like breeze on skin  
Deciding the straight, or crooked path  
Has to be the latter, try to laugh 

Searching, looking for something new
My whole being, divided in two
Emotional and physical needs kept apart 
Hard sometimes, wrenches the heart

But its fantasy, there are fences 
Need to guard, those defences
Emotional and physical needs kept apart 
In order, not to break the heart  

Dilemma, Temptation, Common Sense
Which will win?
Jump the fence?