Enabling your partner to develop

To get the best out of relationships and to enable each partner, to develop, into the person they want to be. Each, needs  to assist the other, to fulfill their ambitions and potential. However it must be what the partner wants to achieve,  not what you want. It is not about your vision for your partner it is about their journey. The role is support whilst they travel the road, enabling them space, being non judgemental, showing encouragement. It not about fixing the perceived shortcomings you see in them..
If we carp and chivvy and impose our own agenda, this strains the relationship and causes  resistance or resentment, this can test a relationship to breaking point.

Do you know what your partner truly wants to do with life, have you asked, since those heady new love days? Do you think you know what they want, you know how they think after all,what their issues are, or do you?. Does your partner really have a handle on how you want to move forward in life  what your secret ambitions are?

To keep your relationship expanding and evolving, it is necessary to work towards dream fulfillment. Partners need to share dreams and support their partners in theirs. Each has to take responsibility for their own experiences and be available to assist their partners. Trust , communication , and openness is needed to make the best of the relationship process.

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