Text excerpt from a Word Crozzle conversation.

Jane. I have been indulging in cyberspace with a young man.
Rick.Naugnty Mary Jane. Hahahahaha. I think Mary Jane  will be be my name for you when you are being naughty angel!
Jane. Yes started late with sex enjoyment so. Having my young time now….
Oh since when has it been naughty Rick Anson?
Rick.Yes indeed. No its all good. Teasing baby.
Jane. Also really late discovering the joy of sex! And my full sexuality so got lots to recoop am in arrears!
Rick. I applaud that. Because most women would just settle and be miserable.
Jane.  But actually the more I hear women in their fifties they are either very sexual or disinterested in sex.
Rick. Yeah either extreme
Jane. 1 know of several women in their fifties doing stranger sex and lots who feel they have done their ‘duty’ and dont want sex anymore.
Rick. Like totally want it. Any time anywhere or hate the idea and thought of it.
Jane. Yes.
Rick.  I’m sure that is the case.
Jane. And maybe I am somewhere in the middle ,because l havent made that mental leap to stranger sex…but adore good sex!
Rick. I’m sure going through the menopause must have its draw backs,  but for some it might also be a new lease of life sexually.
Jane. Yes….but I think the women who go off sex….may have had mediocre sex…..maybe with a man who was more interested in getting his end away than pleasuring them…or its boring same same sex.
Rick.I concur with that.
Jane. I think lots of women never have an earth shattering orgasam in their lives and never self explore so they never experience the total joy and therefore it becomes less important. And when the lust wears off…one has to work to keep sex exciting…and people dont bother.
Rick. All they need is a younger model for a few nights. And usual services will resume.
Jane.  Only if the younger model is good….and thats not a given.
Rick. But good old monogamy prevents such sacrilegious sentiments. Lol.
Rick. I know. I’m good. Can’t speak for everyone. Hahahaha.
Jane.1 think monogomy is less an issue….than other things…
Jane. There is still a big difference in attitudes to men having lots of sexual partners…..and women….hes just getting his end away…shes often seen as a slut. Its very complex.
Jane. Glad you are good…..do you have a set of commendations?
Jane. It took me a long time to find somebody who was good…lol.
Rick.Yeah definitely.
Commendations? Hah! Try me baby!
Jane. Ha ha. Well only got your word.
Rick.But we are still living in a man’s world.Whether we like it or not in relation to perception of sexual roles and activity. That’s  generally still the case unfortunately
Jane. Yes we are … Sexually I now feel comfortable asking for what I want.
Rick. Which I think every woman should do
Jane.Yes but you have to know….and if you havent done self exploration or had a skilled lover ..you dont know….and how can you expect a man to find your buttons if you dont know exactly where they are. He will have a general idea…but each of us has slightly different buttons.
Jane. And you have to have the confidence …I didnt when I was younger.

Murder and violence

Murder and violence leave me cold
It happens too much, in the world, has a hold
There is always somebody, wants to be top dog
And will go to any lengths, to push their views
There are those who follow fervently,see the news
Then there are those, that kill others for the pleasure
I dont even begin, to have their measure.

Films and tv mimic, the stories of violence and death
They replicate or imagine, stories of graphic violence with great success
Mankind it seems, is determined to have an existance, distorted and curved
What happened to the idea of doing good
Of making a ripple that can be understood
Not in terms of violence and fear
But of nuture and caring and being clear.

I know I am at odds, with the mores of the world
My view is distorted by a search for the good
For compassion, love and helping to be understood
Will I see a world, more in keeping with my philosophy
Or is the pendulum swinging too far,and it will never be
We should not be debased, by all the evil
Instead try to make some ripples in the fabric of time.

That spell peace, calm, love and compassion
I fear it will make no difference, said with dispassion
But at least we will have tried
Pushed the pendulum, stemmed the tide


I talked to a soldier
Who was complex,moreover
He liked to play games
Helped loosen the chains
He disliked politicians
Who supplied the munitions
Who ordered soldiers to go
Against an invisible foe
He went did his duty
Saw the hell and some beauty
Saw friends maimed and killed
Had to be strong willed
He sampled the wild side
Fucked, shot and flied
Needing to live twice as hard
Try everything on the cards
He wears medals with pride
Still another side
Maybe hes a rooting tooting mystery
Which is how it should be

Developing cyber relationship.

My life seemed incomplete, I was talking to empty air,
And nobody listened, or seemed to care
The depth of my relationships, seemed
shallow, unheard
Life seemed stale, no whizz, lack of the absurb
Then things seemed to change, new interests arose
My focus shifted, more poise, more prose Words on breezes, seeded the air
Till they found the right ears, found a snare
Letting go of buried sighs,finding friendship a suprise
In cyber floating unfocused, senses alive, otherwise
The pull of interest potent, no concerns no doubts
Ready for adventures, waiting to be played out
The conversation becomes clouded by lust
Not an issue it’s well laced with trust
Not ready to cross the line,emotions held in check
Friendship the deal, what the heck
The pattern changes
Through interesting stages
Laughter caring and sharing
Some soul baring
Makes me glad we met

Awake Early

Awake early
Its at the morning
Part of the day
Yet its so dark
In sleep, I should stay
But my body
Itself betrays
Wide awake ready
For whatever foray
Is thrown at it
To grasp and weigh
Ready to live, laugh
Try to stay
Focused energised
Reduced dismay
Another day of precious life
Will pass
I am at the cusp