Comments on Hustling, Rushing

Some of you have been kind enough to like the poem. Although one of my friends had this to say.
“Good…just…hustling used twice….The word ..annoys…doesn’t fit comfortably.”

“Hmm…The annoys…means it’s a noun? Surely the noun is annoyances?”

So I made an adjustment and took out annoys and replaced the line.
Version 2.

Rushing, rushing
Frenetically hustling
Life is busy, full of strife
Where can I find the simple life?
Bustling, hustling
Ever tussling
No time to listen
Watch the world glisten
I need a space
To slow my pace
Savour the joys
Ditch antagonised
Centre myself
Count my wealth
Where can I find the simple life?
Inside myself, if no contrive
Finding a balance
Maybe semantics
Look at the mechanics
Life is too short not to enjoy.

Would anybody care to comment ?

1 Comment

  1. cmblackwood says:

    Great, lyrical lines — and very true. 🙂


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