Joys of a visit from the mucus fairy.

It started with a sniffle
Then a little cough
Snuffles on my pillows
I didn’t give a toss

Suddenly I seemed much warmer
Then chills, up and down my spine
My nose started dripping
My mind was in decline

Then the mucus fairy
Waved her little wand
My chest filled up with mucus
Like filling up a pond

It seems my major airways
Had become a water trap
I started coughing noisily
Couldn’t shift the crap

I found I couldn’t lay down
And even sitting up
My chest made this weird music
Like screech, whistle, dup dup.

My sniffle is a water fall
My cough spasmodic gunk
I feel pretty miserable
I look more goth than punk

I wonder how to tempt
That sweet fairy into the light
I just would like to catch her
Share some of my delight.

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