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As we walk life’s tortuous paths
we encounter seasons
as life rolls past
Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
pass with certitude
a familiar refrain
weather patterns change to
unexpected patterns
less snow more rain
making the season harder
to explain

As we walk life’s tortuous paths
our lives are like seasons
spring,summer full of love and hope
or autumn gales
when dreams are dashed
and life seems cold and bleak
when setbacks lash
shoulders hunch desolation becomes the norm
and the path is strewn with boulders
winter may seem to set in, to blight
it’s pervasive chill seems set to last
a whole eternity

But seasons turn
springs hope of new life
the abundance of summer
the colours of autumn
and winter too has a beauty

As we walk life’s tortuous paths
we encounter seasons
each has its own beauty
challenges and solutions
we can grow.

S. Beardon. c

Life confounds

What is it with life
it has ups and downs
pleasure , pain, joy
and heartbreak
do the rounds

Would that our lives
could, just be pleasure
No pain or woe
for us to measure.

Why is it, things
go so wrong
bad things happen
regardless just be strong

How do I deal
with the days
that are black
when the roof
caves in
the cheque
bounces back

I have to dig deep
in my reserve
in my internal resevoir
my beliefs must serve

What is it with life
it has ups and downs
pleasure, pain, joy
and heartbreak
life can confound

Samantha Beardon ©


The journey goes on

        The wheel of life turns

A new awakening burns

                               Thankful to see

New ideas to set me free
Moving through life

Things I can influence

                       Others ambiguous

              Must not waste time 

On things, outside my paradigm 
 Abundant and free

Use influence directly

                         Change the way I see

             Working on the me

Turn irritations to advocacy 
I choose love

                 of the self 

       of life not fixed positions

The journey goes on

Live aware till its gone
I am in awe  blown away

                             I am striving to

           Live life in the happiest way