Character takeover.

The lists for the next book are well in hand constituting more questions than answers for me,  my characters haven’t totally made their choices yet. When they have there is no guarantee that they will stick to them.

Marghita insisted on making her play for Rick in ways that I never intended when I started writing this  book. Other incidents like Gillian ‘s behaviour have   convinced  me that I have an unruly bunch of characters who have taken charge. They are re-enacting stories that I never envisaged when I started and now, I have had fan suggestions for more sex and a murder just to give me further pause for thought!

I am reading the books about meticulous planning everything mapped to the enth degree. Does this keep those unruly characters in check? Should they be allowed their own voices and lives. I am rather inclined to think they should but is that because I am new to writing and do not understand the importance of the rules?

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