The pool dilemma

The pool won’t clear what a to do
Have now tried Chemicals of every sort and hue
Have hovered the bottom and used particulate
I think it’s now chemical soup, is that a mistake
It’s now blue but milky, can’t make it shift
Called in the experts they didn’t change the drift
Standing round the pool they stood and scratched their heads
Tested the water nothing to report, trying special cleaning threads
All comes to naught
Frustration building, time to try a totally different tack
Throw off the clothes try a mystic attack
It’s one in the morning, it’s dark in the night
Don has his torch, drawing spells in its light
The cloudiness clearing his pool will appear
He’s chanting and gesticulating looking quite queer
His alchemy working in the morning light
The grin on his face pure delight.

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