Machine nightmare.

Crrunkkk, bang, rrrrrer, rooooooom,
Sounds assault my ears, vibrates the eardrums,
These threatening sounds from my kitchen come,
Oh wow a ravening  beast, or gremlin glum,
Should I investigate or panic and run?

Send the husband seems the best plan,
Me two steps behind, the dutiful wife’s stand,
The washing machine is groaning like a death rattle band,
Scooting across the floor , dancing, cavorting almost doing hand stands,
Husband grabs and hits the stop, half way through the cycle, happy not.

Scratch the head, what to do, take its temperature, pat it’s frame,
Try to restart, talk nicely,play it’s game,
Now it’s sulking refusing to spin, making whirring noises, to its shame,
Not quite dead, but not quite alive, it’s draining the water, easing the strain,
Damp English day, sopping wet sheets, oh what a pain!

Now the debate, repair or new, generates a family discussion or two,
The repairman arrives, nodding head, presses buttons does a review,
The drum goes round, no horrid noise, looking promising from his point of view,
Let’s do a test and fill if full, more than than that, a thorough overview,
Crrunk, bang, r rrrer, roooom.

Washer off ,to a new resting place,
Me not feeling full of grace,
Sopping washing by the ton, no where near enough drying space,
Order new, but have to wait, will take a few days to replace,
Go in the kitchen big empty space.

Crrunk, rrrrrer, bang,roooom,  I wake in fear,
Laying in bed I hear it clear,
A ghostly haunting very queer.

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