Oh Poetry

Poetry is the strangest beast, with various tools
Including different forms and different rules
Haiku, Tanka from the East
Syllable count, will never cease
Stanza,  sonnet, prose or rhyme choose from many new techniques

I admit to being addicted to rhyme
Straight prose to me feels like a crime
I joined a poetry society and gave it up
I seem to drink from a different cup
Too much aesthetic,  too much obscure, though the poetry maybe pure

Maybe I am simple, yes I definitely am
Need to get mind pictures, not take an exam
Poetry needs to speak to elicit a reaction
We all react to different stimuli, get our satisfaction
From high ascetic to hoi polloi something will grab us, gasp, laugh or cry

Poets try to paint, word pictures in the sky
Using words and concepts, as they try
To entertain, educate or maybe distain
The audience they hope to attract and entertain
Humour, concepts, truth and light poets try with all their might.

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