See yourself series. 4.

We can be very good at dropping a shed load of emotional baggage at a partner’s feet and expecting them to pick it up and shoulder it. This is the way to a failed relationship. We have to learn to be responsible for, and changing our own insecurities and negative beliefs.


Some people chat on line to get to know people make new friends. Some do it boost, their egos to have a virtual affair, to exert their power, to chase capture and discard. Be wise, hold on to your heart, too good to be true? It probably is!

Would I look?

Would I look at you ,the same ,” regardless” if your eyes were filled with pain I would probably look closer, more information to obtain I might want to support you in your struggle to survive To try to hold a mirror to the you behind the pain and strife I would want to demonstrateContinue reading “Would I look?”

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand, in  the summary of your life Top, bottom, or middle, or just a worker in the hive Are you on the treadmill, running out of control Trying to please everybody, multiple roles Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths Give to others, go to any lengths Feel stressed andContinue reading “Where do you stand?”

Just to say

William Carlos Williams an imagist poet wrote with great brevity and wrote a poem in note form called Just to Say . I have attempted a poem in the same style I asked you and you said No you didn’t want one Have been dropping hints  About the benefits I know we haven’t had  aContinue reading “Just to say”

Why rhyme

Words crawl across the page Full of ideas, need to engage Stories, prose or rhyme Has to be rhyme, when , little time Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy Feel so right, work so cleanly Poetry purists will say how cheesy Expell their breath, very wheezy An idea to express,  reaction to provoke  A hopeContinue reading “Why rhyme”


Playing, positive, pleasure, Words, wistful, wonder, Games, graceful, gratification, Modish, match, mastermind, Male, mission,mesmerise, Beware, bewitch, brazen, Flirt, forsee, future, Danger, dalliance,dependence, Raise, rules, rocking, Prey, prophetic, paralysis, Hedonistic,hope, hunger, Ego, extra, extended, Reason, rationalise, stay in control.

A megabyte of madnessĀ 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle You became a megabyte of madness Since we met life’s never been the same We frankly share happiness and sadness No false catechism staunches blackness We listen truly and do not shame You became a megabyte of madness We share our secrets with a cheerfulness Plus a tutContinue reading “A megabyte of madnessĀ “