Sneaky year

Oh woe, I woke up today,
Granted a good thing,anyway,
I looked in the mirror and seemed the same,
Slightly creased and crumpled, hair a tatty mane,
My angst,  is mostly due to the  fact,
I aged a whole year in the night, a really unfair attack,
Birthdays are often fun,
More especially, when we are young,
I can’t quite celebrate, like the New Year,
Will make an effort later though, let’s be clear,
Checked again,face looks very much the same,
Grinning now, deciding to play life’s game,
Using my new perfume, designed for the rebellious girl,
Up and at life,  age is a label, new avenues to unfurl,
With age comes wisdom  (some of the time),
I am maturing like  a fine red wine,
Or maybe a piece of maturing cheese,
But staying youthful if you please,
That sneaky added year, that arrived in the night,
Will not change things without a fight.

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