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I shut out the  dark cloud of words.     

circling like birds above my head        

reverberating  penetrating                

 piercing like  swords, injury by harsh

 sounds  cruel intent                                       
Silence  now my best defence         

this no time to mount                      

a counterarguement

it will only cause offence

 I need to save my sanity                     

 in serenity                                             
Face and body language neutral

I release calmness                      

focus on the harmless sound.   

of the house those

small comforting noises

welcome in the dark of the 

night or the eye of the storm 
My spirit is  not broken

I will survive anger without blows

I am wrapped in my tranquility

floating in a bubble roaming         

free from fear 

my submission is just remission      

Until I can escape

A poem using masculine, feminine, family rhyme, assonance, consonance  and alliteration.

Communicating Emotions

When a smile lights  up a face,

Warms the soul, leaves a trace,

Joy and happiness fit the bill.
Sometimes misery adds a chill,

Frown and glower sets the face,

For despair we have to brace.
Re group
Try to find the bud of hope,

Nurture it expand its scope,

Don’t rail about the tides of fate,

Or sour yourself with dishes of hate.

Look inside for inner peace

Celebrate every kindness feat.

When a smile lights up a face

Joy beams out and adds some grace.

Tidal Wave



tidal wave



breathless, crave

Swept away


the  Sky 

Feet Never


the ground



Tidal Wave


still amazed.


Eternal Dream

The bubble has been burst

Will that be the worst

Life gets in the way

Almost every day

Changes put a strain 

On relationships normal chain

He/she can make you sad

Also make you mad

Love is but a guide

You cannot run and hide
What is this nebulous thing

The emotion that pulls our string

Attraction, sex and lust

May well just go bust

The underlying theme

That makes our eternal dream

Is a perfect symbiosis 

With absolutely no neurosis

Its a rare and perfect beast

Easy to become deceased.


Crunchy granules sprinkled pure 

Golden beach throws out the lure

Sparkling diamond peaks of light

Reflected nature, shimmery delight 

Thoughts unwind, body relaxed 

Watching the waves, glistening tracks 

Crisp cool breeze whispers by 

Seagulls, floating in the sky 

Closing my eyes, imagining you here 

Holding your hand, holding you dear

Lapping waves caress my feet 

Sunbeams cascade, summers sweet

Toes wiggling in warm smooth sand

Feeling at one with this fair land.


​Daydreams, night schemes

Living a life together, always smiling whatever the weather

Rosey glow , when really I know

Pipe dreams, crazy schemes

Charisma abounds, excitement confounds

Reality check, from a distance you are perfect

Read between the lines, you commit a few crimes

Happily ever after, couldn’t be dafter

You pride yourself in telling the truth, but lies by ommission I have seen the proof

Adultery a way of life, too engrained too stop the new would always arrive

One of many friends you hold, time coalesces when feelings go cold

Day dreams, happiness schemes

Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity

Hold in perspective, no sadness retrospective

Pipe dreams, crazy schemes

Grounded in reality, fantasy and vanity.



Softly blown

Kisses and wishes

Carried to you
Over boundless ellipses

Of trust and lust

Fluttering and floating

Quietly hushed
Valiantly hoping

Our feelings attuned

For you to seize

To set you on fire
Caught on a whim, heavenly buzz

As the  words and pictures

Swirl and brim

Totally bewitched
Sustain love caught on a whim

On line Friendship

We met on a word game, in cyberspace

We got on well we bonded and chased

We talked and shared, our lives our schemes

Hard to remember, it is a fantasy, a dream

For we only know the other, from the information shared

Keeping secrets, though the soul seems bared

We share our lives, from our own point of view

Not a rounded version from others too

We share an oasis, from life’s woes and cares

We are friends indulging in a cyber-affair

We share great intimacy, its exotic erotic

But its words and pictures, it’s only symbolic

It revs up our hormones and gives us a thrill

Feels so real our needs to fulfil

We find so much in common, it gives us a high

We see the nice bits, not the grumps or the cry

We have a view of another’s life

Sharing the pleasures and some of the strife

We need to remember while the interaction is real

Our mind adds in details, too many, surreal

But the real world comes first, has to be the case

Fantasy is just that, it may have a place

Enjoy the moments the tingle and the fun

If your emotions entangle, it’s time to run

Understand the rule,s keep them in mind

Then friendship not heartbreak will be

The bottom line.


Dedicated to all those who meet and interact on line. Relates to Converging Lives the novel.


Happiness is a funny thing
The strangest things can make us zing
A smile an act
The use of tact
A meeting of minds
The sharing of lines
A hand held out
A teasing bout
A care thats shared
A friend thats cared
Natures beauty
Doing ones duty
Working out
A sexy bout
Its hard to define the happiness rhyme
It changes with the day and time
its certain that good friends will play
A part in happiness every day !