Joys to savour

Joy to each might have different hues
Recognising and counting it, it’s important to choose
Instead of your cares holding sway, ferret out those joys hidden in every day.

What could they be?
Something simple, that you see
A compliment
A message from a friend
Sharing a moment
An email or text to send
A smile from a stranger
The song of a bird
That shaft of sunshine
Beautiful music  just heard
Gifting time to help another
A shared repast
Writing,and new things to discover
The future and the past
Having a giggle
Some time with a friend
Sharing time with a lover
Joys countless to spend
A quick list off the top of my head
Of joys to savour
So many others to add to the list
Maybe add yours to mingle the flavour

Care to share some of yours?

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