Learning who

Learning to be Can be hard Life teaches us early who we are Can make us doubt cause lasting scars. If we focus on others judgements The negatives can stunt our circumference Told you are no good at that, Are ugly stupid that’s a trap. Learning to be the person, that fulfills their own potential,Continue reading “Learning who”


The relentless beat of insect wings The incessant  drone of the bee Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves So many sounds for free The hunting cry of the owl at night The barking of the fox All these sounds are so intense  A quintessential paradox

Dancing the sky dreamy.

The triolet Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined, Our essence mingling freely ,bobbing wild, Gossamar threads ,keep our essence aligned,     Dancing the sky, dreamy, souls entwined,         Spreading light, heating our desires tide,             Aerial ballet, across the air compiled, Dancing the sky, dreamy, soulsContinue reading “Dancing the sky dreamy.”

Lifes bitter sweet song

I thought you were  my forever love, I pined  when you were gone, I pictured  your every move, Not to think about you  seemed so wrong, But now, you  are a faded memory, I struggle  to see your face, I have learnt  from  times legacy, I am  now full of grace, I have found anotherContinue reading “Lifes bitter sweet song”

Cumulus clouds

Erotic images saturating my mind Cumulus clouds  flying high in the sky Shapes of desire leave reality behind Soaked in sensuality ready to fly. Playing my dream see the pictures clear Slip through the vapours to touch to win Floating on fantasy ready my dear Let our ballet begin.


Sharing  our intimate fantasies We need trust,to stop tragedies   Unlocking our ideas exciting immense Exploring wildness  feelings intense So many situations we could try out Sharing ideas, time and about  Making the pictures held in our heads Come alive and become real instead Partners in pleasure trying our dreams Rising so high within the jetContinue reading “Fantasy”

Tender moments

Tender moments alone together Never looking back in anger, for the future looks bright  Delicate touches of the hand  Emitting a smile as the night draws in Remembering the times we’ve shared Negative moments the rarest of all  Excitement grows at the dawn of each day Softness in abundance, as great as the sun  SpontaneousContinue reading “Tender moments”

Glimpses of you

I get glimpses of who you are Makes me want to return from afar  Your soul seems suffused in light Like a moth to a flame it seems so right Your warmth and sweetness  Becomes my weakness Drunk on the your nectar Like a bee, I am a collector The intenseness of our communication HasContinue reading “Glimpses of you”