Tell me your secrets.

Hey baby,tell me your secrets,
Too many,  too complicated, too soon,
Later babes in time you will find the room.

I wonder if that’s true,
My hidden, innermost thoughts,
Articulated brought into the light, would it lead to remorse?

Tell me your dreams,
Yes when we are better acquainted that’s something I can do,
Look forward to the sharing babes, another side of you.

My dreams I can articulate,
They show my passions and my schemes,
Beam light on my future directions themes.

Do I show my secrets even to myself,
Or are they hidden at the back, of a dusty shelf,
Maybe I should revisit in the light of day, then clean out, the corners of myself.

Can I rearrange my secrets?
Boot out the negative ones
Work on the less salubrious, put secret Ness on the run.

Will I tell you my secrets,
I think probably not,
Will save them for a soul mate, before giving it a shot,

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