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What are the dangers of dreams
Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes
The paths that lead to danger
Leading us to falling in love with a stranger

Life set, priorities to be met
Plans in place, moving apace, direction set
Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying
All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising

Happiness comes and goes
Life has highs but many lows
Lows can breed dreams
What if – scenario scenes

Perfect life, perfect love just like in stories
That’s how life should be in all its glories

Life imperfect and love low key
Partners drifting apart, less connections beastly

Imperative – Need to find that perfect love
Daydreams sees it clear and corroborative
As the song says
you only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Sweet dreams, perfect dreams, dreams can deceive
Swinging so high, flying on the trapeze
Launching into space, Twisting in the air
Where to land, here, or way over there

Old path , new path just beware
Stop, think and compare
Each path has some danger
Dream path, love with a stranger

You only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Idle Dreams

My idle dreams can help me merge my various forms 

and recreate visions of the future,

 or just allow me a space to be the me I would like to be, 

The child , the femme fatal, the carer,the cook,all part of me,

My fantasies can take me away from the angst of a dreadful day,

Or maybe I can just escape in a little space in time

merge all my selves, have time sublime,

Act a scene with Cary Grant, private jet to the South of France,

Find treasure in a search, ride my magic carpet, dance and prance

Who knows what my idle dreams will be

Daydreaming happy dreams can’t you see?

Escape from reality

Daydreams, night schemes,

Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity,

Imagining a life together,

always smiling whatever the weather,

Rosey glow , when really I know,

Pipe dreams

crazy schemes,

Charisma abounds

excitement confounds,

Reality check

from a distance, you are perfect,

Reading between the lines

 you commit a few crimes,

Happily ever after,

couldn’t be dafter,

You pride yourself in telling the truth

but lie by ommission, I have seen the proof,

You have so much charisma

your chat lovingly familiar,

One of many friends you hold

will time coalesce, when feelings go cold,

Day dreams, happiness schemes

Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity,

Hold in perspective, no sadness retrospective,

The heart is drawn 

but the head inform

Pipe dreams, crazy schemes

Grounded in reality, fantasy and vanity.


Dead dreams Live Dreams

Today my dream seems set to rust

Think it’s past it, reduced to dust

Gossamer threads colour my day

Looking at a horizon layered in grey

Sure the dark is pulling me in.
Hold my dreams, in my hand 

Sifting their hues, there’s  a bright strand

Hold that strand towards the light

Twinkling green, then pink, burning bright

Sure the dark is starting to spin.
Twist it round the layers of grey

Life moves on, learn from yesterday

Pick out the issues learn from mistakes

Grasp the new thread with renewed faith

Sure the dark is starting to dim.
Know that some dreams wither away

Hold that fledgling dream and weigh

Twist those colours new bright strand

Hope rebuilt in my hands

Sure the darkness didn’t win.

Secrets and dreams

My dreams I can articulate, 

They show my passions and my schemes,

Beam light on future directions  and  my passions major themes.

My secrets, I don’t articulate

They show maybe hurt and pride, some I keep hidden

Like an iceberg deep inside, those memories unbidden

Rarely looked at by myself

I need to understand the beliefs, stacked upon the dusty shelf

They impact on my dreams and stop me being true to self