What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, direction set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising Happiness comes andContinue reading “Dreams”

Idle Dreams

My idle dreams can help me merge my various forms  and recreate visions of the future,  or just allow me a space to be the me I would like to be,  The child , the femme fatal, the carer,the cook,all part of me, My fantasies can take me away from the angst of a dreadfulContinue reading “Idle Dreams”

Escape from reality

Daydreams, night schemes, Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity, Imagining a life together, always smiling whatever the weather, Rosey glow , when really I know, Pipe dreams crazy schemes, Charisma abounds excitement confounds, Reality check from a distance, you are perfect, Reading between the lines  you commit a few crimes, Happily ever after,Continue reading “Escape from reality”

Dead dreams Live Dreams

Today my dream seems set to rust Think it’s past it, reduced to dust Gossamer threads colour my day Looking at a horizon layered in grey Sure the dark is pulling me in. Hold my dreams, in my hand  Sifting their hues, there’s  a bright strand Hold that strand towards the light Twinkling green, thenContinue reading “Dead dreams Live Dreams”

Tender moments

Tender moments alone together Never looking back in anger, for the future looks bright  Delicate touches of the hand  Emitting a smile as the night draws in Remembering the times we’ve shared Negative moments the rarest of all  Excitement grows at the dawn of each day Softness in abundance, as great as the sun  SpontaneousContinue reading “Tender moments”

Secrets and dreams

My dreams I can articulate,  They show my passions and my schemes, Beam light on future directions  and  my passions major themes. My secrets, I don’t articulate They show maybe hurt and pride, some I keep hidden Like an iceberg deep inside, those memories unbidden Rarely looked at by myself I need to understand theContinue reading “Secrets and dreams”


Looking out across  the great divide Time slows as I see the mirage Coming slowly closer Shimmering light surrounds the image A man emerges lightening flashes His hand touches my face I am On fire feeling  energised alive.

Mystic schemes

​Mystic schemes Precious dreams You are there Buyer beware Syntillating thoughts  But a row of noughts Wishful thinking Hopes long sinking You are chasing the new Leaving me to rue Mystic schemes Precious dreams Maybe really nightmare screams Smash them all to smithereens Find a way to recreate Precious dreams not parlous state.


Daylight floods past the curtain edges Over the ceiling and lightens the room Never the harsh clear light of the African sky No the mellower hazy light of England Yet as I lay in bed and feel, I soar and fly.