Concentrate on one task at a time

​Concentrate on one task at a time 

Prioritise, keep your goals in line

An excellent way to be productive

Keep stress at bay,work more seductive

Works so well for many people

Finish the task less upheaval 
So what is it with my butterfly mind

Likes to flit and fly I find

Always been a big picture thinker

Am I kidding myself, is that a sinker

Maybe I am not a completer finisher

Am I my own worse co-conspirator 
Organise your daily tasks

Get rid of the dross, thats not a big ask

Concentrate on one task at a time

Umm watching tv whilst writing this line

Writing a book, painting some silk

Reading two books simultaneously and more of that ilk
Concentrate on one task at a time

Prioritise,keep your goals in line

Keep the mantra in my head

Multitasking isn’t yet dead

Finish one task stop this spread

Dont think of the next novel, concentrate on this one instead
Oh woe, way to go!

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