Creating a different kind of beauty

Having not yet managed to finish one task and start the next I am today painting silk, writing poetry and planning my next moves in the second Converging Lives series.  Smiling happily. Silk painting is such a relaxing thing to do. Its good for the soul because you have to learn to love your mistakes! The colours will have an added vibrancy when set, ironed and washed. 


  1. Silk painting looks great. I took up quilting last summer: very interesting and different hobby!


    1. sam1128 says:

      Congratulations an interesting hobby and one that needs lots of precision. My sister is an avid quilter but its never appealed to me. I adore the finished products .lol. I think maybe its too precise…silk painting can be precise but it can also be very free. It’s what makes each of us happy and fulfilled. The skills people have are awesome. Looking forward to seeing a piece of your work one day?

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