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Creating a different kind of beauty

Having not yet managed to finish one task and start the next I am today painting silk, writing poetry and planning my next moves in the second Converging Lives series.  Smiling happily. Silk painting is such a relaxing thing to do. Its good for the soul because you have to learn to love your mistakes! The colours will have an added vibrancy when set, ironed and washed. 

Other passions..


Other Passions
Possess the soul
Other creations, to fashion
The need to strive, to be a whole
Life is not about rations
To be self fullfilled one needs the control
To express personality without dispassion
Maybe it means, dancing round the maypole
Or anything else that causes satisfaction
Get creative, let your imagination stroll
Fill your soul with creative light, make the most of your passions.

Silk painting is one of my other passions.