An imaginative awareness  of experience expressed through meaning  ,rhythmn and language choices to create an emotional experience.

Meaning and emotion through words

Poetry is innate because of the way we learn language which is through sound and repetition before we can read or write…

Its innate because if the natural rythms within our body. 

Poetry greek origin … Closely tied to those roots of our language. 

Poetry is designed to be read out loud

In speech we move air through through muscular activity speech is a whole body experience ….so if you read aloud you read and interprete the words,convert to sounds

So when we express ourselves verbally and we want to create a message we use sounds that we vary in pitch and tone…We emphasise whole words or part of words we also use body language to get our meaning across. 

Poetry is written but is meant to be read aloud…it uses words in a concentrated fashion to enhance and highlight the rhythmns of speech and meaning. 

When reading poetry the brain accesses knowledge of language knowledge of sound and your previous experiences of sensations and feelings. In prose and stories choice of language is important but is used differently to poetry. In a story you will get an ebb and flow of language in  poetry that ebb and flow needs to be managed. In a story you need to move the story on in poetry you want your message to be savoured. 

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