Choosing words for poetry

Poetry Tips Choosing words for poetry Poets need to understand words, letters and sounds in ways more intimate than the reader or the writer of prose. I want to take you on a journey and show you had you should think of words when writing your poetry. I was given the words PEACH, PAISLEY, PACHABEL,Continue reading “Choosing words for poetry”

Ticking Clock

Late nights turn quickly to early morning As I recognise the spark of an idea Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning   Space between the second hand is falling Recognising potential could be the reason Late nights turn quickly to early morning   I will have recognised a new dawning of ideas, to beContinue reading “Ticking Clock”

Anthology Askew Communications 

Tomorrow sees the launch of the fourth anthology published by Rheteroric Askew. Its full of short stories, flash fiction and poetry. I have some pieces of flssh fiction in the book.  It is available on kindle or amazon print. 


​Poetry  An imaginative awareness  of experience expressed through meaning  ,rhythmn and language choices to create an emotional experience. Meaning and emotion through words Poetry is innate because of the way we learn language which is through sound and repetition before we can read or write… Its innate because if the natural rythms within our body. Continue reading “Poetry”