Its hard when you sit in your chair in the night

Its hard when you sit on your chair in the night

Wrapped in the duvet so warm, but  not right

The bed it is calling a siren song

I snuggled in once, but the coughing was too strong

I decamped  to the lounge, to the reclining chair

I am sitting here wheezing and coughing, not fair

I have had this affliction for over a week

Its not much to ask, just to lay down and sleep

But the cough it is winning and the musical wheeze

Is trying my patience, then there is the sneeze

I just need more patience for my body to win

This pesky virus needs a smack on the chin

So can you all shout out to my scavenger cells

Encourage faster action , in loud decibels

I need urgent action, I just need to sleep

Just a few unbroken hours….cough oh bleep! 

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