The loop poem. 

Loop Poem

 Loosely, a loop poem can pertain to any type of poem, there is no rules on length or rhyme or meter, only that for each stanza or verse, the last word of a line becomes the first word of the next line and the last word of that line becomes the first word of the following line, and the pattern repeats until the last line where the final word will be the first line of the poem. 
Example author unknown
Patterns are repeated

 repeated within loops

 loops that keep repeating

 repeating all these patterns.

My first attempt.

Adventure such an abstract concept,word

word of power, causes varying visions in the mind,

Mind working, forming patterns, emotions,

Emotions of happiness, or apprehension,

Apprehension, exhilaration, delight or

or disbelief, we all react differently to the concept Adventure. 
Anyone care to try this form?

#poetrychallenge #converginglives

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