The loop poem. 

Loop Poem  Loosely, a loop poem can pertain to any type of poem, there is no rules on length or rhyme or meter, only that for each stanza or verse, the last word of a line becomes the first word of the next line and the last word of that line becomes the first wordContinue reading “The loop poem. “


Adventure to one is purgatory to the next, An unusual and exciting or daring experience, Kick starts the hormones, prestiges giddyness, Thats what they would have us believe, Testing the boundaries,kicking the traces, Striving to have fun, finding four aces, Be it the adrenaline rush, or the wonder inspired, Its out of the comfort zone,Continue reading “OAdventure”

Room with a view

The room with the view Has a problem or two Its up five flights of stairs There aren’t any chairs When you get to the top You feel that you’ll drop You are so red in the face Breathless with the pace You have to lie down Now comes a frown Cause the room withContinue reading “Room with a view”


​Golf a new sport to try Learn some new skills to satisfy Learn to hit  a ball with a club How difficult can it be, unless I hit the scrub Stand relaxed and swing from the hips Practice the move, heck have to be a contortionist  Ready to try, they said go to tee  NotContinue reading “Golf”

Healthy kick

​Calm sea Cloudy sky Walking free Would rather fly Long hike With beautiful views Feet don’t like Blisters, bad news Healthy kick Doing my bit Unfortunately mthink I need a stick Shouldn’t have stopped, must admit  Now Stiff muscles Hobbling now,Oh the pain No more hustles  Where’s the gain Blue sky  Calm sea Tomorrow willContinue reading “Healthy kick”