Winner of the weekend challenge on Rising Moon Poetry.

For the weekend free verse poetry challenge

My Sailboat

Sometimes I like to get away from it all
Having alone time, I just have a ball
On weekends, good memories I make
To have fun, just being on the lake.

It’s so peaceful, my sail catching all the breeze
As I watch the wind, flowing through the trees
I listen to the waves, crashing all around
So beautiful is nature, so sweet the sound.

Sometimes I like to take her nice and slow
Coasting the current, watching the water flow
Then there’s other times, no warnings I heed
As I tell everyone, she’s more fun at top speed.

The time of my life, I’m living the dream
My little piece of Heaven it seems
Here in the waters, I’m having a blast
Such great times, that ends too fast.

Out here in my sailboat, is my happy place
It’s where you’ll see me with a smiling face
I will always end up, with a happy story
For I’m sailing away, free from my worries.

© Jeff Anthony 2018

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