Text Snippets Word Crozzle.

Eve : Hi William. Sorted most of my computer problem.
William: You did? That’s great.
Eve : Yep all day job… Hah..
William: That’s good. You solved the problem.
Eve :Well am lady of two halves either refuse to be beaten or throw in the towel ….Imao
William: That’s a good way to be!
William: Why you let me beat you so much then?
William: Lol
Eve : Because in some things I am not totally competetive…With some issues in life…it bugs me and will try hard to find a way to sort…wont give up… In other things am easy going and go with the flow.
Eve : I don’t put the effort in with Crozzle! I  just like playing and actually don’t  care too much if I win….if I win its a bonus
I find a good word in my letters and then I look for a space, I don’t always look for the best word and the best space…I dont always consider the advantage my word may give to others. I have friends who try every combination of letters before they play, some of it’s a time thing but maybe I am too  lazy.
William: I see.
Eve : 1 enjoy finding words and playing them…am gleeful if get a good score’
Eve : When I do spend time and win I love it specially against u because u are good…
Eve : But each round like a mini game and I like the immediacy…I am not a strategist!!!
William: Hahahahahaha.
William: Yeah I play hard.
William: It hurts to lose.
Eve : You want to win…it’s not my driver for playing. Maybe I should try harder!! Lmao :I also maybe play too many games…therefore I can’t really work through all the options! Not that I want to hurt you…but maybe ….keep your feet on the ground. Grinning here.

Eve :1 am a mixture of bossy , stubborn, bloody minded and soft, easy going and sweet !! Lol depending on circumstances.
Eve : I got people coming for lunch today…very fishy meal…fish starter…fish main….but not for pudding!! Lol
Eve : Oh and I forgot self indulgent!
William: Ha ha. I am getting a picture of you as we play Eve. Its a good mix one day I will draw a mind picture of you.
Eve:  How did the computer let you play that?  Laids….since when has that been a plural…it’s  outside my vocabulary! William: Hahahahahaha
William: Don’t cry
Eve : Sticking my tongue out at you.  No…but I don’t get when one would use it! He laids , she laids????this dictionary is weird…but I learn the silly words…. Makes me laugh…and shake my head ! 1 love the new..Just don’t always get how some of these words are legal!
William: I bet it does
Eve : Thats why I like to play the unpredictable …and I like the chat….even the windup William!!
William: That’s the beauty of playing for me. New words come up and I get to use my brain too.
Eve : Don’t some of the words make you raise yr eyebrows?
William: Don’t worry. There will always be wind ups! Eyebrows….sometimes. lol Off to the gym catch you later.

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