Text Snippets 5. What music would you listen to in a fantasy scene?

Paul: You said you have been listening to music what sort of music do you like?

Eve : Music, eclectic taste…at the moment  listening to a playlist with Dire Straits, Dr Hook, Fleetwood Mac and the Airborne Toxic Event.

Paul: What are you wearing?

Eve : Also like Snow Patrol, George Ezra, Sam Smith, some of the groups and artists from the sixties.sixties stuff.  Classical, jazz and some from the shows!! Lol

Paul : Very mixed which is good.

Eve: That made me laugh, change of direction. Just jeans and a blue sweater.

Paul: Underneath?

Paul : So if we were in bed what would we listen to?

Eve : I take it this is fantasy. Well as I dont what you like…thats difficult needs to be something both would enjoy… Snuggled up together…maybe some Norah Jones, Snow Patrol , George Ezra, or duets like Islands in the Stream….maybe Rachmaninov second piano concerto….. I find that incredibly sexy…. What would you like to listen too?

Paul : I’d like to listen to whatever gets you going the most.;-)

Eve :Ok….Well Norah Jones, Chasing Cars, George Ezrazra…think hes got a really sexy voice….. But would really like to know the music that would turn you on.

And dear reader if you were snuggled in bed with the man of your choice what music would you choose to listen to??

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