Text Snippets from Word Crozzle. Magic Carpet use.

Eve : No snow just very heavy rain…
Rick : Don’t drown.
Rick : Can loan you a rowboat.
Eve: Don’t think we have  quite got to that! Laughing… Coming down hard but no flooding yet.
Eve : Sitting in bed drinking tea… listening to the rain on the window.still thinking hibernation….hah.
Rick. Well made the offer.  Good glad you don’t want it,shipping it to you, could bankrupt me.
Rick : Nothing wrong with hiding from the evil weather.
Eve : You are making me cry with laughter….I presumed you were going to break out your magic carpet for speedy delivery…posting..ummm.you could always go for cash on delivery….
Rick: Cash on delivery, well then you’d get screwed on exchange rates… And I’d have to pay fees. The magic carpet isn’t rated for cargo.
Eve :Ah not rated,hah….over sight on your part I think!
Rick: I bought coupe not the minivan version.
Eve : Ah I understand….speed and looks …over utility…and mostly just what you need from a magic carpet….just a downside when you want to transport a row boat, to save a friend from drowning!
Rick: Yup always a downside that would be Murphy at work! lol.

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