A megabyte of madness 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle You became a megabyte of madness Since we met life’s never been the same We frankly share happiness and sadness No false catechism staunches blackness We listen truly and do not shame You became a megabyte of madness We share our secrets with a cheerfulness Plus a tutContinue reading “A megabyte of madness “

For You

Feelings For You Just get better Love Longing strong Red letter day Friendship Firmly Grasped Strong bonds stay Partnership Particular trust Together we should stay

Reality replace?

​Sharing time with you Takes me to another place Makes me happy Relaxed and full of grace If that luxury was denied Life would go on I would survive  Diminished but able to cross the great divide My mind endows you with virtues  That I know in reality don’t exist You are a creature ofContinue reading “Reality replace?”

On line Friendship

We met on a word game, in cyberspace We got on well we bonded and chased We talked and shared, our lives our schemes Hard to remember, it is a fantasy, a dream For we only know the other, from the information shared Keeping secrets, though the soul seems bared We share our lives, fromContinue reading “On line Friendship”

Keeping our feet on the ground

We must, keep our feet on the ground From the euphoria we have found In cyber games and chats, that confound Pictures and words taking us to fantasy Maybe outside sanity The pictures and feelings are fascinating In  lives forever separating .   Related to Converging Lives the Novel.

Who are you on line?

​On line, interacting with strangers who become online friends; are you the same person,  as when interacting with friends and family in everyday encounters? Do you enhance your personality. become wittier, livelier, sexier? Interactions by text, messenger,face to face video can be more intense, more intimate but still remote, does that enable you to becomeContinue reading “Who are you on line?”