​Cymbals crashing in the sky

Staccato rain blowing by

Grey and dark 

The heavens split

Zig zag flashes

Dash and flit
Clouds are roiling, feeling menacing 

Sky a muddied yellow, feels threatening

Awesome detonations boom through the air

Count the seconds, till lightenings flare

Hairs on the back of the neck arise

Excitement bubbles no suprise
Storm rampages

Through its stages

Standing in awe 

Should I be frightened of its power

Cymbals crash, lightening forks

Natures force, humans ivory tower.


    1. Laughing …ah well look forward to reading the first hand account! I love a storm its the power and our inability to do anything but bow to its force. Maybe I was just riding past on the broomstick surfing your overhead clouds! Yes we do need some rain.

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