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Butterfly or Moth updated 

Butterfly or Moth,

Beautiful markings plight it’s troth,

The one gets applauded, the other disdained,

Yet each is beautiful, if we view unrestrained,

The day and the night,

Each has a part, if we use our foresight,

Butterfly or Moth, just look and see,

A beautiful creature born to be free.
Butterfly or Moth,

Which do you see?

When you look at people,

When you look at me,

Are your judgements valid,

More than skin deep?

Do you look, beneath the surface,

Your judgement to meet.
Butterfly or Moth,

Beautiful markings plight it’s troth,

The one gets applauded the other disdained,

Yet each is beautiful, if we view unrestrained.


Catastrophe, conflagration, consummation Firey furnance, feasts forrestation Calamity, catastrophic conclusion Mortals, mettle, meaningless Bravery, beautifully breathtaking Local lives, liberated Nature’s nadir, nonentity Catastrophe, conflagration, consummation Regrowth, rebirth, reclaimation.

It started with a sniffle

​It started with a sniffle

Then a little cough

Snuffles on my pillows

I didn’t give a toss
Suddenly I seemed much warmer

Then chills, up and down my spine

My nose started dripping

My mind was in decline
Then the mucus fairy

Waved her little wand

My chest filled up with mucus

Like filling up a pond
It seems my major airways

Had become a water trap

I started coughing noisily

Couldn’t shift the crap
I found I couldn’t lay down

And even sitting up

My chest made this weird music

Like screech, whistle, dup dup.
My sniffle is a water fall

My cough spasmodic gunk

I feel pretty miserable

I look more goth than punk
I wonder how to tempt

That sweet fairy into the light

I just would like to catch her

Share some of my delight!!


December feels just like spring

Weather warm no cold swing

Dark and damp the winter nights

Gloomy days a few are bright

Rain and gales the weather gives

No crisp cold frost the warmth forbids

The season marches further on

Christmas creeps up hit that gong

Presents bought and cards a wing

Mood adjusts to the festive swing

Towns and cities, houses too 

Covered in lights of every hue

Friends give a a glimpse of other lives

 Christmas in another guise

Ce!ebrating with summer days

Not for them the winter haze

Crisp blue skies and sparkly seas

Sunshine, sea  blue sky warm breeze

But grey or blue, north or south

There is the touch of a friend as greetings bounce

 Brings a smile to warm the heart

Because friendship is a really great art

Its always summer somewhere

And during the winter season be aware

It can always be summer in your heart.