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​Cymbals crashing in the sky Staccato rain blowing by Grey and dark  The heavens split Zig zag flashes Dash and flit Clouds are roiling, feeling menacing  Sky a muddied yellow, … Continue reading Storm

Entwined. Adult content.

We lay in the darkness our bodies entwined
Twisted together like parasitic vines
We fit well together our bodies conform
Entwined legs and fingers, touch, then trigger thunderstorms
I hear the thunder as our heartbeats increase
See bright shards of light when nearing release
Rivulets of water cascade down our spines
Mixing with stormy fluids to expedite the prize
We lay in the darkness our bodies entwined
Moving together grasping something quite wild
Enacting the storm that’s wild in the night
Grasping our pleasure filled with delight