​Black with eight legs sitting in the corner

Web nicely built quite a transformer

Sure to eat the flies, must be good order

What makes me freak out, I am not a barn stormer

Not sure if it was eye contact, but both went rigid 

Want it out my house, thats my baser instinct

I need my new weapon to banish it from my life

Might be a flamethrower, but thats too much strife

I back out the door, watching it all the while

Need to turn my back to reach into a pile

I reach for the catcher and remove its cap

Test all the mechanisms, ready for spider  zap

Back with the spider now have to be so brave

After all its maybe half an inch and I am a six foot knave

Eyes swivelling wildly I turn the machine to suck

Poke it towards it, it works thats good luck

Spider in the tube, should I put on the cap

Maybe not that brave it might land in my lap

Catcher held out in front of me,leave the sucker on 

Run for the window I shake the tube, is it gone?

Oh no the little varmint is crouching looking at me

Now I am wondering, which of us should flee

I shake it out again and this time it has gone

Slam the window shut, Poor spider was I wrong?

Half an hour ago I was sleepy ready for bed

Now my veins are pumping adrenaline instead


  1. Better than having an octopus in the garage!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sam1128 says:

      indeed! lol

      Liked by 1 person

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