Category: fright


I shut out the  dark cloud of words.     

circling like birds above my head        

reverberating  penetrating                

 piercing like  swords, injury by harsh

 sounds  cruel intent                                       
Silence  now my best defence         

this no time to mount                      

a counterarguement

it will only cause offence

 I need to save my sanity                     

 in serenity                                             
Face and body language neutral

I release calmness                      

focus on the harmless sound.   

of the house those

small comforting noises

welcome in the dark of the 

night or the eye of the storm 
My spirit is  not broken

I will survive anger without blows

I am wrapped in my tranquility

floating in a bubble roaming         

free from fear 

my submission is just remission      

Until I can escape

A poem using masculine, feminine, family rhyme, assonance, consonance  and alliteration.

I am the curse I am the legend

This is a Terzanelle with a rhyme pattern of

ABA¹, bCB, cDC, dED, eFE, fFAA¹
The water ripples dancing silvered

Joining and flowing to become the sea

I am the river rushing tempered 
If you listen hard you can hear my plea

I am the curse I am the legend

Joining and flowing to become the sea  
I am destruction I am resentment

If you listen hard you will hear my screams

I am the curse I am the legend
I utilise a siren’s schemes

To lure you to a fate you can’t forsee

If you listen hard you can hear my screams
I grow and expand as I hit the sea

As I roll and I crash, my power forms

To lure you to a fate you can’t forsee
Forever revenge will conjur up storms

As I roll and I crash my power forms

The water ripples dancing silvered

I am the river rushing tempered.


As I search  the roads of this eternal maze

I just find dark corners and more dead ends 

Searching and searching  to ignite the blaze

With short term lovers or just good friends
Where is the love I am yearning towards

To worship my body and cherish my mind

The soul mate, lover, giver of rewards

The man to care for this heart in kind
 I know that  love is a two way process

Give in order to recieve: I understand

Love unrewarded  no forward progress

As I travel the maze on roads of sand
Hopeless it feels, a lovers touch I crave

Before I am called to the end, the grave.

Flying …..oh woe

I am in a plane a few miles in the air,

A passenger jet

 with no room to spare,

I sit in a rare thing, a space


 room for my knees,

My bum fits the seat 

with a just a little squeeze,

I was worried before, because I knew

the plane seats are tiny, 

more space in a zoo,

I had fingers and toes crossed, 

the seat belt would fit,

It did thank my guardian angel, I would have

felt like a twit,

Luckily the flight is only short,

A long haul in this,

 wouldn’t be sport,

My arm is wedged

 against the curve in the wall,

Understand how sardines feel,

 not having a ball,

A means to end but 

an uncomfortable lack,

Of reasonable comfort,

 give the designer the sack!

I am sat in a plane a few miles in the air,

We are descending,

 oh YES

 nearly there!


I am trapped in a place

I am not sure if it’s real

The paths are all gone

 At best it’s surreal.
The leaves have all fallen

They crunch underfoot

There is no perspective

I think I am forsook.
This land of the fae

Is an alien place

They called to me, plaintive

That diminutive race
I am trapped in a place

I am not sure if its real

I am moving forward 

Like on, a hamster’s wheel.
My heart is a thundering

My breath fast and tight

Darkness has descended

Like the darkest, moonless night.
My boots keep me walking

The air feels real chill

The fireflies are biting

They are making me ill.
Why did I wish for a different fate

You asked me to marry you

I just couldn’t relate

I took my love  away ,with no review.
Now I am paying, what’s overdue

I am trapped in a place far from home

I know its the end the fireflies have grown

Those fae creatures,will make me atone.
Written to relate to a photo prompt.

Flash fiction. Transformation

It is time. Time for my next transformation. I am prepared, well as much as I can be. I sit in the coolness of the temple my metal casing cooled by the shaded darkness. The creeping insidious  flashes of pain  in my head are growing stronger. My mind is pierced by a raging heat, I raise my hand to my temple to soothe the pain,  but hurriedly lower it, the heat is too much. I realise this is to be ordeal by fire, this was not  explained at my briefing from the elders.  There is a tremor running through me, and I hear a  whistling noise. It’s me, I am keening. Fire, my nemesis. I visualise that portion of my  third transformation where the heat had cracked my shell and left me with life long pain. I need to run from this place, I will not endure the agony that I suffered.

I need a way of cooling the heat, dousing the flames. I am not ready.

I feel flames licking around my face, hot spirals of magma seeping from my eyes, my skin is melting. I will not be consumed by flames. 

I remember the lotus pond in tne temple garden . I grab the table in front of me and lever myself to my feet, I cannot stand so I sink to my knees and crawl towards the exit. I reach the pool, gazing at the reflection of my grotesque firey face in the pond. My decisions now will alter my own future and the balance if power in the universe. Halting this transformation will send me back to being a frail mortal woman who will never again aspire to be a God. I teeter on the brink of the pond, have I the courage? 

Then I plunge head first into the pool. 

Ah Winter.

​Is winter here yet? 

Winter set into my heart many months ago

The freezing block rimed with sparkling ice

Growing bigger with my fountain of black tears

How I long for the heat of summer to release me 

To allow me from this numbed prison.
Is winter still here?

Since I felt your love slipping away from me 

I feel the coldness of the north winds 

Chilling my very bones as I continue in life as an automaton 

Paying lip service to my chores and responsibilities

Doing what I must with an absence of joy.
Ah, winter!

Today the season has caught up with my already wintery soul

Outside the grass is silvered and sparkling with frost

The sky is grey but under the clouds I see a golden glow

No significant heat to purge the voracious cold

But adding brightness to cheer and enough heat to melt the icy vapour
Ah, darkness!

You make the winter days feel long 

Daylight is at a premium the day skewed to favour darkness

This suits my feeling of melancholy my dissaffection with the world

Like an animal I can guard my hurts and hibernate

I need not shine a light on your lack of caring.
Hibernation is impossible life gets in the way

As winter approaches we live in close array

The darkness is a complication but our lives are full of light

In the cold midwinter, we stay cozy make things right.
Ah, winter

It is a season of more than dark and cold

Nuts and berries on the trees food for creatures 

The warmth of a roaring fire ,as we take our ease

The beauty of the virgin  snow on garden, tree and field

Logistics can be difficult but as humans we succeed.
Ah, winter

Have I lost your love

Let us sit by the fire and air our souls

May the ice on my heart be melted in the glow

Even if your love has disapated 

I need to tackle winter, love it and extoll.